Share and Care Preschool

At Share and Care, we believe each child is a gift. Your child will feel safe and loved in a Christian atmosphere that's developmentally appropriate and designed to develop the whole child.


SHARE AND CARE CHRISTIAN PRESCHOOL is operated by Concordia Lutheran Church through its Board of Education. We are concerned with both the spiritual and personal development of the children who attend.

OBJECTIVES: Our goals are to help children —

  • To be aware of God as a loving, caring Father, so that they think of themselves as worthwhile persons, loved by God.
  • To know Jesus Christ as the Savior who shares God’s love with them, and as a Shepherd who cares for them.
  • To develop their own independence and self-confidence, broaden their experiences, and acquire new skills.
  • To promote their social and emotional growth as they learn to cooperate with other people in a supervised and structured group setting.