At Share and Care Preschool, love is always in the air! We prepared for Valentine’s Day by celebrating the love of our friends. We worked on special gifts for our families and wrote letters to our Pen Pals about what we LOVE about Share and Care.

Our friends used marbles to make cooperative art with a friend and our 5 day friends created a friendship quilt. We got to easel paint and also spent lots of time working on writing our special names. Our older friends started writing their names the “school way” with an uppercase special letter and lowercase remaining letters. All of our friends started working on spelling their names and our classes started working on “reading” the names of their classmates. We have used our names to learn the sounds of the special letters that begin them.

We utilized beef, our locally available food of the month, to make our very own pizzas. Our kiddos sure are some pretty awesome cooks and they LOVE to make their own snacks. Healthy eating never tasted so good!