Share and Care Preschool

At Share and Care, we believe each child is a gift. Your child will feel safe and loved in a Christian atmosphere that's developmentally appropriate and designed to develop the whole child.

3 Year Old Program (2 or 3 Day)

3 Year Old Program (2 or 3 Day)


Friends arrive at our preschool center.  Coats and backpacks are placed in the appropriate areas and hands are washed before entering our preschool classrooms.  Parents and caregivers help our children “check-in” using our envelope system and teachers greet families and friends at the classroom door.  Our friends then enter the classroom to find their name and practice spelling it for the teacher.  Each kiddo can then choose to play in our themed sensory buckets, play dough or a table activity.

Our envelope check in system works on memorizing each child’s invdividual information.  At the beginning of the school year it is saying and spelling their first name.  We will then move on to work on last names, phone numbers, birthdates and possibly addresses.

Kiddos at this age are best at learning through the experiences they have with their environment.  Our sensory buckets allow them to feel lots of different things with different textures.  This encourages them to use descriptive words, compare and contrast items, and work cooperatively with the peers who are near them.  This, in addition to our play dough center, encourages LOTS of fine motor exercise which they will use to write their names soon enough.  Our play dough table also allows for lots of creativty as children mold and form the dough into different objects.  The addition of different extras depending on our theme can often spark even more creativity and conversation.

Table activities can spark our creativity and encourage us to work on different skills.  Table activities can include tracing, cutting, making a simple art project, or fine motor development activities such as lacing.


Once our friends have all arrived and we have cleaned up our sensory stations, we typically kick off our morning with a song.  Our Star of the Day holds the flag for the “Pledge of Allegiance.”  We then work on our calendar, discuss our focus area for the week and talk about the weather.  Our Star of the Day is invited to share something about themselves (family, favorites, etc.) before we read our Story of the Day.

The musical activities that we incorporate throughout our day are a great way to use our gross motor skills and some of energy.  It also encourages us to learn words to songs, think about the concepts of fast/slow, loud/soft.  Rhythm activities can also encourage the counting of beats and one-to-one correspondance which are great pre-math skills.

Standing for our Pledge teaches us pride for our country and our community.  It helps us learn new vocabulary and provides the Star of the Day an opportunity to stand in front of his or her peers which encourages confidence.

Our calendar activities allow us the opportunity to discuss the months of the year and the days of the week.  It encourages us to talk about patterns and cycles and seasons.  We introuduce Spanish and Sign Language during this time and will often work on patterning as well.  Discussion of our daily weather and the nature we witness in each season are great opportunities for many, many scientific conversations.

Our Star of the Day is the friend who is asked to bring the snack for the day.  We rotate through the class list to ensure that each child is given an opportunity to be the “star” at least a few times throughout the year.  They are the line leader for the day, sit in a “special” seat at the table and get the opportunity to “share” something about themselves in front of their peers.  All of these activities promote leadership, self-confidence and the ability to be comfortable in front of a group.  One “star” day is scheduled around each child’s birthday or half-birthday.

Our Story of the Day relates to our theme.  Listening to books being read aloud is an opportunity to use our imaginations, learn that print has meaning, work on sequencing events, and think about things outside of our everyday environment.  We are also learning to sit in our own spaces quietly and listen to a teacher which is a very important pre-Kindergarten skill. 


Our friends use the bathrooms, wash hands, pray and enjoy a snack with one another.

We also use this time to work on walking in lines, proper hand washing and using good table manners.


After friends finish their snack, they take care of their garbage and wash hands before joining the teacher on the rug for a praise song.  Our remaining friends have until the end of our song to finish up their snack so that we can all enjoy listening to a story from The Beginner’s Bible.

Our Bible story and praise music time is an opportunity to remind our friends how LOVED they are by our God.  Each child is a special creation who is valued and important.  From Adam and Eve to Jesus’ death on the cross we are reminded that our GOD is AWESOME. 


Our friends have the opportunity to explore our centers.

Our center time is established to encourage learning within our weekly theme.  Please check out our Facebook page to see what we’ve been up to.  From craft projects (some teacher-directed to encourage following directions and some child-directed to encourage creativity and exploration) to academic skill practice (alphabet matching games, number recognition games, time on our iPad) to science experiments to cooking activities to gross motor and fine motor skill development (throwing balls, balancing, lacing beads, holding a pencil)…we cover the development of the ENTIRE preschooler, in a fun, hands-on way.

When the weather allows, we work on our gross motor development outdoors.  During inclimate months we use our designated “activity” room for those activities.


We gather together to review our day and sing our good-bye song before being dismissed to our parents and caregivers.

Friends registered for three days spend Friday in a mixed age class utilizing both preschool classrooms and all teaching staff.  Activities on Fridays are theme related and cover literacy, art, math and science.  Friends work in small, mixed age groups where mentoring and modeling can occur from their peers.