Share and Care Preschool

At Share and Care, we believe each child is a gift. Your child will feel safe and loved in a Christian atmosphere that's developmentally appropriate and designed to develop the whole child.

Class Schedule

Class Schedule


Friends arrive at our preschool center and are greeted by a teacher.  Coats and backpacks are placed in the coatroom and the child’s folder is deposited in their class bin.  Kiddos now head off for Gross Motor time outside or inside utilizing our Fellowship Hall for games and activities or cardio, classroom for yoga or our “activity room.”

This time helps us work on important developmental skills such as balancing, throwing and catching, skipping, running and jumping.


After our gross motor time, all of our friends are taken to the restroom before snack time.  After washing our hands, we gather at the table and enjoy snacks that may reflect our current unit of study or our locally available food of the month.  Each month our preschool introduces a new locally available food of the month that we try during a test taste and then taste in a recipe or two throughout the remainder of the month.  Our friends become great tasters and some even discover a new food that they like and hadn’t tried before.

We also use this time to work on walking in lines, proper hand washing, healthy food choices and using good table manners.


After a brief quiet rest time, while teachers clean up our snack tables and reset for center time, our friends come together for whole group learning.  This time utilizes all of our teaching staff and our kiddos learn in mixed age groups.  This time allows us to talk about weather, calendar, and important events.  We work on mathematical concepts such as counting, one to one correspondence, patterning, greater than/less than, and place value.  While reading our story of the day, we also work on numerous literacy skills such as rhyming, alliteration, story comprehension, letter recognition and introduction of vocabulary.  This time is also used to play games, sing songs and learn about the friends in our classes.  This whole group learning prompts and introduces topics that will be worked on in our center time.

We believe our whole-group learning is a time that prepares our kiddos for the large group classroom activities that they will experience in elementary school classrooms.  We sit in a horseshoe so that our friends can see one another for discussion and also see the teacher leading the whole group.  We also utilize a small group of (VIPs – Very Important Preschoolers) who are randomly drawn each day and help lead several activities.  It is a highlight each time a preschooler is selected.  


Our classrooms are set up to encourage learning through play.  We utilize the following centers that are modified frequently to accentuate our classroom theme: blocks, dramatic play, discovery, technology, toys and games, art, sensory and library.  Our friends are free to choose where they “work” during this time.  We do use this time for small-group learning on the specific skills needed for each kiddo.  Sometimes these activities are project-based and sometimes are games focusing on specific skills.  Ongoing assessment of skills are also completed during this time while kiddos are in play to make it a natural extension of their work.

 Check out our Facebook page for a glimpse into what our center time looks like.  It changes week to week and even day to day.  Each classroom is full of learners who learn differently from one another and we do our best to encourage and lead them wherever they are to meet the developmentally appropriate standards for children of their age.  If kiddos fall below those standards, extra doses of learning are given in whichever areas may be needed utilizing outside learning partners if indicated.  If kiddos soar above those standards, extra doses of learning are given to encourage continuing growth.  


We end our day reading our Beginner’s Bible.  From Adam and Eve to the start of Christianity, we learn that we were created special by a God who loves us so much that He sent His only son to save us all.  We listen to Bible stories and apply lessons to our daily lives.  We sing praise songs and occasionally will watch a video version of the Bible story we listened to that day.  Before singing our good-bye song, we pray thankfulness for our day and our snack and pray for friends or teachers who may have been sick or going through a tough time.  Our good-bye song reminds us that we are loved by our teachers and friends and also by Jesus.