Here’s what a day in Share and Care looks like for our friends!

8:55-9:15 – Arrival Activities – As Mrs. Hoffman is getting kiddos out of cars, Mrs. Weber is the gatekeeper to our hallway. Kiddos find their hooks to hang up their backpacks and coats, grab their folders and sanitize their hands before heading into the classroom. Once inside we have a planned activity for them that Mrs. Gott and Mrs. Uthe supervise in our classrooms. Our honeybees are usually working on their fine motor journal or their morning box (a system of boxes which each contain a different independent activity for our learners to complete). Our ladybugs get to choose between two table activities that vary from day to day.

9:15-9:30 – Classroom Community – During this time we assign our classroom community jobs and allow everyone to check into learning for the day. Our greeter welcomes each child and teacher, giving everyone an option of preferred greeting. This week our choices included heart hands, hug, dance or spirit fingers. During that time, Mrs. Hoffman is calling friends to the front of the classroom to use their feeling “spot” to indicate how they are feeling that day. Our feeling choices are happy, sad, scared, angry and excited. Throughout the class day we draw our name sticks so that friends have the opportunity to come to the front of the class to share why they are feeling that way. Our Pet Vet feeds Skippy and eventually will help keep our outdoor bird feeders filled. Our light helper and line leader fulfill their roles throughout our class time and our flag holder holds our American flag for the Pledge of Allegiance. Our song leader gets to choose the song of the day and this week we have enjoyed “The Colors Dance” and “Teapot Variations.”

9:30-9:45 – Literacy Block – This is our time to read our “Weekly Read” which this week was “Mama Built a Little Nest.” We also get to work on specific literacy skills like print concepts, retelling stories or sequencing events. We also introduce a wonderful word. This week’s wonderful word is “woven.” Each wonderful word has a child centered definition AND a hand gesture that goes with it.

9:45-10:10 – Gross Motor – Since we live in Iowa and do not have the time in our classroom day to dress for the weather to ensure safe outdoor play in the winter months, we audible with a variety of indoor gross motor experiences. These include Cosmic Kids yoga stories, dance videos or utilizing our Fellowship Hall space for bean bag games, parachute play or setting up obstacle courses.

10:10-10:15 – Bathroom Break – This is the time where each of our friends have the opportunity to use the bathroom and wash their hands before snack. This is also our time to practice walking in lines and waiting patiently for our friends to finish their jobs. We also utilize this hallway waiting time to work on different literacy and math skills. This week we were working on letter recognition using a “Where’s the Penguin?” game. Last week we worked on number recognition by trying to find the snowman.

10:15-10:30 – Snack Time – Our friends enjoy snack time with their peers and get to practice participating in peer conversations and perhaps trying some new foods. At the end of snack, we wash our hands and rejoin our other classroom friends on the rug.

10:30-10:45 – Whole Group Learning – This block is for our math, science, social studies and creative art exploration. We start this time with another “Feeling Check-In” for a few of our friends before working on a specific skill OR introducing a new idea. This week we have been working on counting to 20 and number recognition. Last week we worked on measuring. Next week we will be learning about the traditions of the Chinese Lunar New Year.

10:45-11:30 – Free Choice Center Play – This block of time is where our kiddos get to choose their learning path. Our centers rotate throughout the month to ensure new (yet familiar) experiences in our block center, dramatic play center, art center, discovery center, library or with our toys and games. This is also the time where our teachers may call out our learners to work one-on-one on specific skills or in small groups.

11:30-11:40 – Clean Up and Read Aloud – After our rooms are reset for learning the next day, each room has a quiet read aloud time. Our ladybugs get to hear an additional weekly read. This week it is a non-fiction book about birds. Our honeybees work on listening skills to create mind pictures as we work through various chapter books. Currently we are enjoying E.B. White’s, “The Song of the Trumpeter Swan.”

11:40-11:55 – Bible Story & Praise Music – The end of our day is for learning just how much we are loved. Each week we work on two praise songs…this week’s “Whole Lotta Change” that is filmed at a jump park is VERY popular. We also read stories out of the Beginner’s Bible AND watch the same stories in short Bible videos. This week we met John the Baptist. We pray at the end of our time before singing our “Good-bye” song.

11:55 – 12:00 – Dismissal At the end of the day, we grab our belongings that our teachers have organized for us, and head to the hallways to await the call of our name indicating that our ride is ready.

We know the value of each minute in our preschool day and work our hardest to ensure that we are helping to develop the whole child during their mornings at Share and Care.