As much as it may feel like it, Iowa is not actually in the Arctic. Our Share and Care friends have been exploring the Arctic through books, videos and additions to our play-based centers.

We are reading two books that not only feature snow and cold, but also help us work on sequencing the events we hear about in stories. Jan Brett’s “The MItten” and Lucille Colandro’s “I Know a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow” entertain while challenging us to remember the order of events.

We watched a video that showed us what the Arctic looks like the animals that live there. We also found the Arctic on our classroom globe and compared its location to where we live in Iowa. We will also be learning about the Inuit people who make chilly places their home. Learning about other people in the world helps us to understand our world better.

We’ll end the month learning about Ice and Snow. We will learn how snowflakes form, talk about symmetry and do some ice melting experiments.

Using our parachute to act out “The Mitten.”