Whole Group Learning Themes

  • Dinosaurs
    • Dinosaurs Love Underpants by Claire Freedman
    • One More Dino on the Floor by Kelly Lyons
  • Space
    • On the Moon by Anna Milbourne
    • My Book of Planets by Elise See Tai

Literacy Focus

  • Differentiate Between Letters and Words
  • Understand that Some Words Can Have Multiple Meanings
  • Produce Words that Share a Rhyming Pattern
  • Produce a Story with Characters and a Setting that has a Clear Beginning, Middle and End

Math Focus

  • Counting to 10
  • Recognizing Numerals to 10
  • Writing Numerals to 10
  • Adding and Subtracting within 6
  • Composing with Shapes
  • Sort Objects by 2 or More Attributes


  • All About Space, Sun and Moon (Earth’s Environment)

Social Studies

  • Demonstrating Simple Geographic Knowledge

Social and Emotional Learning

  • Give a Play Idea
  • Feelings
    • Embarrassed
    • Surprised