We have felt so very thankful that we have been able to be outside for so many of our fall days. We have enjoyed using our outdoor musical instruments, playing with magnet boards and also a variety of balls. We have thrown and catch and bounced! We also love having open, grassy spaces to run in on nice days.

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Inside of our classroom we have been busy as well! We have worked through our spotlight letters all the way up to the letter H. In addition to our spotlight letter work during whole group time and small group work with our PreK friends, we are all working on the strokes necessary to write the letters.

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In addition to working on our spotlight letters, we are also working on rhyming words, clapping syllables and isolating the first sound in different words. Lots of word play in our transition times helps us to become better reads.

Speaking of clapping, we were so excited to welcome our first special visitor, Mr. Andy. Mr. Andy will be joining us once a month to teach us a bit about music. His first visit had us working on rhythm and we didn’t even need to use any instruments. We were pretty impressed to be able to follow the rhythm using our claps!

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Our math focus has been on shapes and also a little bit into patterning. We have really been working on identifying 2D shapes, but we also work on 3D shapes.

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As we move into the year we have added more classroom community jobs to our lineup. We now have helpers with our greeting, song selection, lights, taking care of our pet fish, holding the American flag for the Pledge of Allegiance and leading the line. We appreciate everyone’s help in ensuring that our classroom routine goes smoothly.

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As we have gotten to know ourselves a bit better and also our friends, we have started a feeling “check-in” each morning. This gives our kiddos the opportunity to identify with a feeling they are feeling each day at preschool. Throughout the day, a few kiddos are asked to share why they are feeling a certain way. We emphasize that all feelings are important and valid and our job is to ensure that we respond to them appropriately. Here’s a sample of our feeling check-in.

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Our Bible stories have taken us all the way from Abraham and Sarah to Moses and through Jericho. We are now enjoying listening to all the different people God has selected to lead and help his people. It appears as though God often will make a surprising choice in who God feels is the best leader for God’s people.