Giraffes Can’t Dance

March 30, 2020 – At Home Learning

Share and Care is now “virtual” during our time apart. Each day of our learning is going to focus around a story and will have ideas for the following areas: literacy, math, art, helping at home, music and movement. We will also have an idea for a snack! At the end of each post we will include a daily Bible story and a link so you can get your Praise music jam on. If you tune in to our Facebook Live at 10am, you will also get a bonus idea for extra fun you can have in your very own living room!

Your teachers have been working on providing ideas for today’s story, Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees.

  • Grab your art supplies and trace your hand and then turn it into Gerald. He can dance however you like! I used markers and crayons to make my handprint giraffe.
Giraffes Can't Dance
  • Think of 3 ways you CAN help your family around the house. Pick one thing you CAN do and do it! Also think of one thing you can’t do YET and see what you need to do to be able to add that to your CAN list.
  • tame the wild things in your house!
  • Fairy Floss incorporates lots of dance into a yoga routine. ENJOY!
  • Draw your own giraffe!
  • Today’s musical selection is from the Broadway version of “The Lion King.” Enjoy “He Lives in You.” This is one of our favorite songs to use our egg shakers, ribbon wands and rhythm sticks with.
  • Even the zoos are closed…don’t worry, the zookeepers are still allowed to take care of the animals, but no visitors are allowed. Check out the fun that you can have “at” the Denver Zoo.
  • Tongue Tales You can “read” this National Geographic Young Explorers magazine on how animals use their tongues.
  • Watch the power of capillary action with this fun giraffe print experiment. You’ll need paper towels and either watercolors OR washable markers. If you use watercolors, simply paint on the paper towel and watch those colors move! If you use markers, add giraffe spots to your paper towel and then spritz lightly with water.
I tried wetting my paper towel first and then using my markers. I enjoyed the effect more after spraying my markers with a water bottle. If you use watercolors, the water is built right in!

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