Bark, George

April 6, 2020 – At Home Learning

Share and Care is now “virtual” during our time apart. Each day of our learning is going to focus around a story and will have ideas for the following areas: literacy, math, art, helping at home, music and movement. We will also have an idea for a snack! At the end of each post we will include a daily Bible story and a link so you can get your Praise music jam on. If you tune in to our Facebook Live at 10am, you will also get a bonus idea for extra fun you can have in your very own living room!

Your teachers have been working on providing ideas for today’s story, Bark, George by Jules Feiffer.

  • Read aloud with Mrs. Hoffman.
  • Are there any pets in your house that you could help take care of today? Could you feed or water your pet? If you don’t have a pet, do you have a bird feeder that you could fill? See how you can help one of God’s creatures today.
  • Today’s story is a perfect one to “act” out! See if you can play the role of George and make all the different animal sounds that he makes throughout the story! (Meow, quack-quack, oink, moo)
  • Perhaps you have been on a walk and have seen hearts in the windows of houses in your neighborhood. Today we are going to make a George completely out of hearts!
  • Check out your cereal selection! Are there any cereals that remind you of dried dog food? (Kix, Cocoa Puffs, Peanut Butter Puffs…)
  • Today we are going to head to the Cosmic Kids Zen Den and meet Mini the Puppy.
  • This song is FULL of cute puppies! Which one is your favorite?
Bark, George
  • Today I challenge you to build a house using materials you can find around your house for one of your special stuffies. Maybe you have a stuffed dog that you can build a cozy home for or maybe you need a stable for a unicorn? Whatever animal you choose, make sure your structure keeps them safe and cozy!

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