Storm is Coming!

April 16, 2020 – At Home Learning

Share and Care is now “virtual” during our time apart. Each day of our learning is going to focus around a story and will have ideas for the following areas: literacy, math, art, helping at home, music and movement. We will also have an idea for a snack! At the end of each post we will include a daily Bible story and a link so you can get your Praise music jam on. If you tune in to our Facebook Live at 10am, you will also get a bonus idea for extra fun you can have in your very own living room!

Your teachers have been working on providing ideas for today’s story, Storm is Coming! by Heather Tekavec and illustrated by Margaret Spengler.

  • Read Aloud with Mrs. Hoffman.
  • Today I challenge your entire family to practice what you do and where you go during severe weather. Our Share and Care preschoolers are experts at being storm safe!
  • Your job today is to find a source (news on TV, app on phone, computer) for a weekly forecast. What can you “read” on the forecast? If you want, you could write the forecast on your calendar and see if the meteorologist gets it right!
  • Let’s work on our breathing so that we can have a great day! Rainbow Breathing
  • Weather by Dr. Jean is a great song that talks about different kind of weather and also has the opportunity to see the different letters that make up the words.
  • Storms can come in any season. This yummy trail mix would be perfect for any situation! Thanks to View from the Ville for the recipe.
S'mores Trail Mix Recipe
  • Let’s make a craft using our most favorite word…OUR NAME! A rain cloud never looked so lovely!
  • Why does it rain? Explore the idea of saturation with this sponge and water activity from The Pinterested Parent.

Current Share and Care Families – make sure to check your e-mail for printable additions to today’s curriculum.