Me and My Place in Space

April 20, 2020 – At Home Learning

Share and Care is now “virtual” during our time apart. Each day of our learning is going to focus around a story and will have ideas for the following areas: literacy, math, art, helping at home, music and movement. We will also have an idea for a snack! At the end of each post we will include a daily Bible story and a link so you can get your Praise music jam on. If you tune in to our Facebook Live at 10am, you will also get a bonus idea for extra fun you can have in your very own living room!

Your teachers have been working on providing ideas for today’s story, Me and My Place in Space by Joan Sweeney and illustrated by Christine Gore.

  • Read Aloud with Mrs. Hoffman.
  • The weather looks to be nicer this week so we are going to move our suggestions for helping our family OUTDOORS. Today, see if you can pick up sticks in your yard. Ask your tall person to give you a certain number and see if you can gather that many sticks.
  • We’re making our own rocket ship today using the letters in our special names and some simple shapes. After you’ve created your rocket, I challenge you to add your age in stars. Mrs. Hoffman used her “preschool” age for stars…four.
  • If you tune into our Facebook LIVEs this week (10am), we will be learning lots of things each day about space. Today’s focus is all about the planets in our solar system. We will also be learning some space vocabulary words. Print out and color this reference so that you can have a reminder of all the planets in our solar system.
  • Star Wars yoga with Jamie from Cosmic Kids is OUT OF THIS WORLD!
  • This is another song to help us remember our planets in order from the sun.
  • A fruity, rocket kebab seems like a fun snack to create for our space week using fruits you have at home! Check out KIDSSOUP for other space snack ideas.
Space Snack Ideas | KidsSoup
  • Sensory bottles are a favorite to make and then play with afterwards. These Galaxy Bottles seem like great sensory fun for this week! Thanks to Crafty Morning for the great idea!
  • This is a pretty tricky game for counting (choose by 1’s). You’ll order space rocks from 1-50. You can also build your own rocket ship here.
  • Learn a little bit more about our solar system with Dr. Bionics.

Current Share and Care Families – make sure to check your e-mail for printable additions to today’s curriculum.