Aliens Love Underpants

April 23, 2020 – At Home Learning

Share and Care is now “virtual” during our time apart. Each day of our learning is going to focus around a story and will have ideas for the following areas: literacy, math, art, helping at home, music and movement. We will also have an idea for a snack! At the end of each post we will include a daily Bible story and a link so you can get your Praise music jam on. If you tune in to our Facebook Live at 10am, you will also get a bonus idea for extra fun you can have in your very own living room!

Your teachers have been working on providing ideas for today’s story, Aliens Love Underpants by Claire Freedman & Ben Cort.

  • Read Aloud with Mrs. Hoffman.
  • We have another UNDERPANTS story! You know what that means! See if you can help your family with the laundry today.
  • Today I am going to challenge you to create a family portrait. Except this time, each member of your family is an ALIEN! With the alien names we created on Tuesday. To create your own alien name, replace your special letter with a /Z/. Make sure to label each family member in your portrait. You can choose whether or not they are wearing underpants or not. Introducing…the Zoffman Family!
  • Star Wars The Force Awakens is Jamie’s story for today on Cosmic Kids.
  • Thanks to our friend, Bennett, for the great suggestions for some space songs. I had to pick three!
  • Using some small cutters, you can cut your snack into an out of this world treat! Sandwiches, cheese, fruit and deli meat are all great to cut with cutters. Perhaps you can find some planet shaped crackers to go with it! Thanks to Sarah Lidbom for the lunch idea.
  • Best Toys 4 Toddlers has a great example of a space sensory bin. Sensory buckets are some of our very favorite ways to play at preschool. I’m not sure what the “turtle beans” are that they used in this set up, but you could also use water beads if your kiddos are past the age of exploring with their mouth. Sensory bins are best for kiddos who have surpassed that stage of development.
Galaxy Sensory Bin

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